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Remote won't sync & frozen

Remote has been working perfectly for nearly 2 years - all functions. Recent initial problem was power button not working & volume only increasing by one. Saw online how to go into Settings and resync the remote but it wasn't able to sync. Tried factory reset but batteries were in the remote & now stuck on on a screen with 3 photos of how to sync the remote with "choose a language" underneath - nothing works at all now, have unplugged it and have new batteries in my remote. I can't get past this screen with the 3 photos on it, NO buttons or voice instructions work. Number inside cover of my remote is: RF342B-T4-03 1-3 

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Re: Remote won't sync & frozen


Thanks for the post.

If you are stuck on the screen with 3 photos of how to sync the remote, have you made sure to follow the images properly on how to sync and setup the remote? 

Please be aware that your device is no longer under warranty. It's possible that the remote may be on its way out. If you need a replacement remote for your Roku device, you can purchase a compatible remote on our Products page here:

For more information about our device warranty, visit our Support page here: Player warranty and license agreement


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