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Remote voice will not turn off

Yesterday I accidently pushed a wrong button on my Roku remote and every time we are searching for a program the voice comes on and tells us what it's about. How do I stop this . It is a feature we do not want.


Re: Remote voice will not turn off

I got the same issue, very annoying.

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Re: Remote voice will not turn off

Voice announcement of Roku menus, button presses, etc.

A feature called Screen Reader (renamed from Audio Guide in Roku version 10.5) announces where you are in the Roku menus for the benefit of the visually impaired. At some point you may have hit the * key on your Roku four times in a short period of time. This is a shortcut that toggles the Screen Reader / Audio Guide feature on and off, so four quick presses of the * key should toggle the this feature back off. 

To deactivate the four-* trigger shortcut altogether use menu path Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut (in the Screen Reader or Audio Guide section) > Disabled

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Re: Remote voice will not turn off

Thank you!! I was having this same problem and now its fixed!!