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Remote stopped working

Roku 4670x with voice remote 

checked batteries, tried unplugging power, tried pairing again. Green light inside is flashing, but neither voice nor buttons work. Nothing appears on the television screen related to Roku.   Tried pairing a remote we had with another tv, no response, no green light.  Further suggestions?

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Re: Remote stopped working

Let me make sure I understand this: You have two Roku devices, one of which is an Ultra 4670. The Voice Remote that came with that Ultra stopped working. Attempts to re-pair the device were unsuccessful, and although the light inside the remote did flash, nothing appeared on-screen.

You took a Voice Remote from another Roku device (model number not provided) and attempted to pair it with the Ultra. Attempts failed, and that remote did not even respond with a flashing light.

Okay, either I'm misunderstanding something, and that description is incorrect, or there is some serious weird going on.

The second Voice Remote should have flashed green when you pressed the pairing button. But the second remote works on the other Roku, with which it is already paired? 

Please confirm or correct.

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