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Remote stopped controlling Onkyo receiver

Yesterday, Sunday 4/30 the software was updated and my remote for the Roku Ultra stopped controlling my Onkyo receiver.

Since this has been working until the update, I suspect that codes for my receiver were removed accidently.

Things that were tried:

New batteries in remote.

Redid setting in the Roku for the remote.  All 4 codes failed.

Changed and changed back settings on the receiver.


Is there another brand of receiver I could try?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Remote stopped controlling Onkyo receiver

Hi @Jamie56

Thanks for reaching out here in Roku Community.

Roku device remotes are designed to specifically control Roku devices, and they may not have the capability to operate other audio products from different manufacturers. This means that if you have an external audio system that is not a Roku product, you may need to use a separate remote or control device to operate it. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a universal remote that is compatible with both your Roku device and your external audio product, which would allow you to control both devices using a single remote control.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Remote stopped controlling Onkyo receiver

I was able to remedy this today by using samsung as the device type under one of the settings. Works perfectly.

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Re: Remote stopped controlling Onkyo receiver

You have me curious since I own a TX-NR636 and use a Harmony 650 to control it along with other components. What functions do you control on the Onkyo with your Roku remote and where are you finding the device settings for it? The Roku remote uses WiFi direct while the Onkyo uses RF codes or maybe yours is different?

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Re: Remote stopped controlling Onkyo receiver

Settings>remotes & devices>remotes>set up remote for tv control>cec setup

Nextvselectedbsamsung it worked for the next step.

Only controlling volume and mute. It will not turn on my Epson projector that runs through Onkyo tx-rz50. I do not have a trigger set up to start the projector from the receiver. Having the volume controller on the Roku remote is big though, as t least after powering in I am down to one remote for Roku surfing and volume control. 

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