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Remote mute button won't turn off speaker message

I've got non-Roku, non-internal TV speakers hooked up to my tv. The mute button on my Roku voice remote is placed where a right-handed person would naturally grab the device. A window always appears reminding me that the remote doesn't control these speakers. There's a button onscreen to close the window, which doesn't work. I have to pause the show until the 10-second message disappears. Anyone know how to disable the remote's mute button??

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Re: Remote mute button won't turn off speaker message

@Jahbone wrote:

... Anyone know how to disable the remote's mute button??

No, not via a settings.

The Voice Remotes can be paired with some sound bars and some audio setups. Have you used the menu system to try to configure the Roku remote to use that brand system?

Or are you saying you simply have external speakers connected (no amp) run via speaker wire from the TV? If that, you should be able to configure the remote to work with the sound, to include mute, on most TVs.

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Re: Remote mute button won't turn off speaker message

So your using something like a soundbar and you use the soundbars remote to turn the volume up and down correct? The Roku Voice remote is just for the TV and Roku correct? So you keep accidentally hitting the volume up and down buttons on the remote which brings up a message. Depending upon which Roku you have it’s probably not the Roku message. Did you program the the Roku remote to turn off and on holy TV? Most like yes. That also means your Roku remote is trying to control your tv volume. The message is most like coming from your TV and not the Roku. If you have something like the Roku Stick and yoh go into audio you won’t see the option for internal or external speakers. But on your tv you do. Simple solution. Put electrical tape over the volume buttons on the Roku remote. Upload a picture of the message. I bet it’s your tv telling you that cause I can duplicate it with my Samsung TV. 

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