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Remote is dead? Not working

I have a channel access issue, where it appears that the control stick is "dead".

When Roku is first turned on, the options menu on the left appears as well as the channel guide on the right.  However, I can't access any of the options (such as settings, etc.) or any of the channels.  I have to wait 5 - 30 minutes before anything is accessible.  I change the batteries in the controller, to no effect.  Once I can make connection, everything is fine.  Channels can be selected and programs download without delay (I do have bandwidth saver selected in Settings).  Once Roku is turned off and turned back on, the process starts all over again, without regard as to how long Roku was turned off.

Does anybody at Roku have an answer or am I exercising my fingertips?

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Re: what's the customer support phone number


Thanks for the post.

What specific Roku model device are you using? In addition, how are you powering the Roku device? Is the device plugged into the TV USB port or is the device plugged into a wall adapter?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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what’s the customer support phone number

I accidentally rolled over the remote when watching tv lying on the floor.  The remote won’t even turn tv on.  Batteries are good.  Don’t know what to do, can’t turn on tv to do any pairing. 

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Re: what’s the customer support phone number

@Nancy10, the TV probably has a button on it to turn it on.  It could be on the back or along one of the edges or behind a little door that opens.

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