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Remote finder

My children lost the roku remote in my house somewhere. How do i locate my missing remote in my house?

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Re: Remote finder

If you have one of the recent Roku Ultras, there will be a remote finder button on the Roku unit.  Other Rokus require searching the old-fashioned way.



Re: Remote Finder lost and hooking up new remote to old stick

I lost the ROKU express remote for the 3600 roky streaming stick.  I have another Roku express remote that came with Roky express streaming stick 3930.  Can I simply hook up a new Roku express remote 3930  to the Roku 3600 that is already hooked up to my television?  Or do I have to remove and replace the old Roku stick (3600) , that is currently connected to my tv, with the new roku stick (3930) in order to connect with affiliated 3930 Roku express remote that came in the same box?.  Thank you.      

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Re: Remote Finder lost and hooking up new remote to old stick

@LisaALanza, the Express 3930 is not a stick.  A stick plugs directly into an HDMI port on your TV.  An Express needs an HDMI cable.  The remote that comes with the 3930 is IR (infrared) and will not work with any stick which all require a Wi-Fi direct remote.  Had you got the Express 4k+ (not the Express 4k that Walmart sells), its remote would have worked.

So, you can either get a new remote for the stick or just use the Express in its place.  Note that you will have to have a clear line of sight to the Express and point the remote at it.  You may notice that the newer Express works a little better/faster than the older 3600.

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