Learn how to reset a Roku remote, how a Roku remote works, or pair a new remote.
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Reel Rookie

Remote failed after 8 months - no LED output

Last week my remote stopped working. Checked batteries with tester (ok -like new) then replaced them to see if it would make a difference. (it did not)

After performing RESET on the remote and the device, I could no longer login.  

I checked the remote with my mobile phone camera, and noticed it blinks only once when pushing any button. (pushing any button should blink continuously)

using another ROKU remote from another room in the house, I was able to complete the setup and operate the TV.

How do I go about getting a replacement remote under warranty? 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Remote failed after 8 months - no LED output

After following the online video, I better understood what I was doing. The TV screen instruction that appears telling you to hold the reset button on the remote is technically correct, but not clearly understood by everyone.  

You have to hold the button (for 8 secs in my case) before the LED blinks. I did not realize that there was a reset LED, it appeared to be another type of reset button?

After correctly resetting the device, everything is working correctly again.