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Remote draining battery please help

We barely use our TV in the bedroom but the batteries are draining often. The longest they last is about 2 weeks. It is a replacement remote.  What can I do to fix this issue? Please & thank you. 


Model Number 3900RW

Serial Number YG00GC078008


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Re: Remote draining battery please help

Hi @DeeDin

Thanks for the post.

I have passed along your information and concern to our Support team. They will follow up and further assist you through email.

All the best,


Kariza D.
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Re: Remote draining battery please help

Simplest temporary fix is to take batteries out of remote when not using it.  Or insert a small bit of paper in between one battery and connection when not in use (I have a set of kitchen digital scales that don't shut off properly after putting away, and use the paper trick).

It shouldn't happen, but it does, for a small percentage of sticks.  For a lesser used TV, buy an express or express 4k with IR remote instead, and use the stick on another TV or sell it/give it away.

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