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Remote control & accories

My remote control has been missing or stolen. Can I get another one

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Re: Remote control & accories

What device do you have.

From the picture it seems roku1, which may be second hand only eBay etc.

Streaming sticks: search for voice remote or voice remote pro online, widely available. Good for all devices except the very oldest like 1

TVs need special remote, ask TV manufacturer support or search online for TV name+roku.

Other devices can use copycat IR remotes commonly available online. These look like roku remotes but dont have the little roku fabric tab at the bottom.

More expensive oneforall learning remotes will work for all incl. TV except streaming sticks.  If not a TV I recommend the 7935 model.

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Re: Remote control & accories

If you really have a Roku 1, model 2710, this is a 3rd generation Roku, released in 2013.  It uses a direct-line-of-sight infrared (IR) remote.  The actual Roku remote for this would be their "Simple Remote", available from Roku's accessories page, or other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.

All Roku devices respond to the same set of IR commands, so any inexpensive universal remote that says it can control Roku devices should work with it. 

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