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Remote RC68 not working from a distance

I recently purchased a new remote for my Roku Premiere and it’s not working more than 3 ft away from it. I have rebooted the Roku several times and even replaced the batteries in the remote. Not sure if my Roku Premiere is going out or it’s the IR. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Remote RC68 not working from a distance

Are you absolutely certain you have clear line of sight between the end of the remote and the front of the Premiere?

If there are no obstructions, you can spend $5 and run a test. Get a universal remote that supports Roku. You can find them for as cheap as $5 at Family Dollar, Walmart, etc. If it works and the Roku remote doesn't, it's definitely the Roku. If it doesn't work, it's either the Premiere, or there is an obstruction you aren't noticing.

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