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Remote Pairing for Westinghouse GE01X Roku Tv

I have a Westinghouse GE01X Roku TV and the remote worked when I first had setup the TV. However, after I had setup the Roku remote APP the actual physical remote is no longer connected and when I go into settings it talks about where the hole for voice control is to determine what type of remote.  There is no hole.  It does not seem to have that feature and there is no magnifying glass search button in the place of the voice control either. Just some moon that I assume is for sleep mode. How do I reconnect my physical remote back to my TV? 

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Re: Remote Pairing for Westinghouse GE01X Roku Tv

Hi @Buck85,

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We understand you're having a problem with the Roku remote. We're happy to assist you further. Please check out this support article here on How to fix your Roku voice or a simple remote that is not working.

If the problem still continues, please keep us posted.

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Re: Remote Pairing for Westinghouse GE01X Roku Tv

If it has the crescent moon key for sleep timer is differently an IR Roku Tv remote, no pairing needed. It just works if there is a clear line of sight to front of the tv. You can check to see if the remote is emitting an IR signal by pointing it at your cellphone camera lens, if you see flashes its working, no flashes its defective. In that case you have to get in touch with TV manufacturer for replacement. Roku only supplies UI for Roku tv's, sorry. 

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