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Remote On The Fritz

I checked and didn't see this exact issue. Got my roku stick in May 2020 so haven't had it a year yet. In August, it notified me batteries were low, so I switched them. A week later remote was slow to respond or just didn't at all then said needed new batteries. Figuring I had just put old ones in on accident, replaced them again. A week later, same issue. Then I noticed the remote was making a high pitched noise. Went to the store bought fresh pack of batteries, 1 month later, same issue. I have to replace the batteries every 2 to 4 weeks and now the high pitch noise from the remote is getting louder. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

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Re: Remote On The Fritz

I've had 5 different Rokus, with as many as three in service at any one time, and I've never experienced this, but running through batteries too quickly is not uncommon judging by the posts here.

Typically Roku employee @RokuDanny-R requests you send him a private message with your account name (i.e. email address), Roku model, model number, and serial number (all found via Settings/System/About), and a description of the problem, and he will be able to help.  

To send @RokuDanny-R a private message click on his name above or in one of his posts to bring up his profile, then click the purple "Sent this user a private message" button (on a narrow display you may have to scroll down to see the button).


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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
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