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Remote Death is Ruining Experience

Why the heck do batteries only last 2 trucking days in your Daffy Duck remotes? I’m spending at least $10 Hamiltons a week on batteries because this son of a birch beer sucks the life out of batterie worse than reality tv shows do to brain cells. You need to fix this Daffy Duck problem or more people will be exodus this horse **bleep** of an experience.

ROKU is more like ROmote with Fluster Ur patience. 

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Re: Remote Death is Ruining Experience

Need more detail. Does your remote have a headphone jack? If it does, and you use it, make sure you unplug the headphones when not using them. Connecting something to the jack turns on an audio amplifier, which consumes batteries within a few days if left powered on at all times. 

If it does not have a headphone jack, or if it does but you don't use it, then perhaps a button is stuck and sending a constant signal. Remotes without a headphone jack are IR only, and batteries in those should last many months, even with heavy use. The WiFi remotes do use batteries faster, but even so mine generally go 4-6 months with light use. But even used heavily the batteries should still last 2-3 months, unless as I said you're using headphones. 


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