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Level 7

Re: Intermittent loss of volume control

Trouble shooting Update:

I obtained a IR reader to see if maybe it was sending the wrong code during the times it was not responding -- No IR output when this is happening.

I also noted that when it is happening, a headset plugged in to the remote has the same problem - no volume control or mute function. so this pretty much points to an internal problem with vol, Mute, and TV power, as thest functions for the headset have nothing to do with the TV brand/IR code set in use and will only apply to the ROKU hardware.

I haven't done programming professionally in awhile but I bet this could be solved pretty quickly. Somehow, just those functions are being treated differently than the normal ROKU functions and getting hosed.



Level 8

Re: Intermittent loss of volume control

I have the same problem with an RC538 that is two years old using a Roku Premier (3920X).

What I discovered is that everything works fine when the charging cord is connected to

the remote. When the cord is removed the TV volume control works for a few seconds, then stops.

I suspect that the 2 year old battery no longer stays at the proper voltage to operate the TV functions.

The other keys still work.


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Level 9

Re: Intermittent loss of volume control

This is STILL a problem despite Roku community threads closed to cover up the CONTINUING issue.

RC701 remotes running rtn.4190 STILL has intermittent volume issues because the IR LED are NOT FIRING.

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