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ROKU voice control remote fails to integrate with common surround sound receivers

Most people purchase the latest ROKU because of the advanced voice controlled remote and integrated GUI which includes a library of content from multiple sources (HBOMAX, Hulu, Netflix, Disney, etc) in one place.  At present, Amazon firestick fails to integrate and allow searches of all installed subscriptions and content probably because Amazon wants to sell/rent more content. 

However, ROKU's remote fails to cover one simple issue for my situation.  I need to switch my DENON receiver from the HDMI TV to my TOS digital SONOS input.  ROKU's remote could easily include a programable source switch button for major receiver brands.  Why not do that?  You could build that functionality right into the existing remote.   In fact, you could also add a direct SONOS app and then the receiver would never need switching, but I doubt SONOS would let ROKU do that bc it would end their product line for SONOS Connect and related products. 

The reality is that normal home owners have a MIX MASH OF PRODUCTS and we need it all to work together so play nice and stop trying to sell us SOUNDBARS.  Help us out with this simple feature please.

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