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ROKU - NOTIFICATION of when movie on my watch list becomes available?

HI,   I had a ROKU stick and it had an option that allowed me to put in movies that I wanted to see which were either not released yet or not available on my streaming apps.   They went into my list and when they became available on one of my apps, I would get a tiny notification.   Now I have the 4 express and although I can make a 'i want to see' list, it doesn't seem to notifiy me when and where they become available.   So...I have to pull up each one every few days to see if they if and where they are available.  Any advice?  Is this feature gone?  Do I need to set it up?  THanks in advance. 

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Re: ROKU - NOTIFICATION of when movie on my watch list becomes available?


The old feature was called "My Feed" and you are correct - it was very useful as an alert for available shows users were following.

Although Roku asserts My Feed was replaced by the "Save List", basically just more accurate to say that the My Feed feature was removed.  In Roku's defense, I think some of the channel partners were not too diligent in providing accurate info/active participation for the My Feed and became a little unreliable for some users.

Basically, you now have to manually check your Save List (like you are doing) occassionally to see if your content is now available to watch.


I tried a couple of different mobile apps to see if I could find a suitable replacement for My Feed but didn't come across any that I would use or recommend.  Most of the available apps seemed to just want to collect and track your information for marketing purposes. (I have seperate emails just for spam and testing apps/OS and just got flooded during that time.)

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