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Question about RCS01R Warranty, Replacement Cost, and Battery Life

I apologize if this was posted but no search found my first attempt which gave an "authentication error" when posted.


  1. What is the cost to replace the battery in the RCS01R?
  2. If not replaceable, is the warranty on the RCS01R remote, for a dead battery, at least three years?  (Preferably much longer)


Please let me know so I know whether to buy the RCS01R or anther RCAL4 online.

Too many two-foot drops onto a hardwood floor has broken the clip holding the battery compartment lid onto the RCAL4 remote.  A replacement will be purchased before the remote is damaged to the point of being unusable.  If the RCS01R battery lasts at least 5 years or replacements are inexpensive, we will stick with Roku.  If not, I will stick with Roku until we have no remote.

Our Roku was purchased in April 2019, and we have spent less than $10 on batteries.  We would likely only have spent about $5 had I not tried using headsets for about a month!

Over the past two years our Roku device has been used a *LOT* yet CHEAP (40¢ per) batteries last about four to six months in the AL4.  (Remote listening is not used).  When the remote quits working one battery is removed and immediately reinserted allowing the “dead” batteries to be used an extra month.  This takes a few seconds and is done every few days.

Hopefully, you can see why I don’t want to have to pay $30+tax+s/h+time just to replace a battery assuming the entire remote must be replaced at our expense.

The reason for my questions.

The only remote with the features I want is the RCS01R but that remote has the much-disliked feature of having rechargeable batteries.  When such batteries die, the entire device must usually be replaced.

Just a few days ago I was talking to a family member that used Apple for streaming.  They were surprised the Roku had the ability to search for a movie to find a channel where it could be viewed for free.  Yet, now, I’m unsure if we will stay with Roku.


PS: Issue with a Roku webpage.

One post stated: You can find replacement remotes and power adapters for Roku Streaming Players & Roku Streaming Sticks here:


That is true but the Model Number search doesn’t work.  Searching for “RCS01R”, which is the model for the current “Roku Voice Remote Pro”, returns the message “No accessories matched your filters or model number. Please try again.”

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