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Product improvement: Remote Control

1. Current Remotes: No way to program to certain apps, each remote unique in selections of preprogrammed quick launch options example: netflix, disney, hulu, and sling while another remote has different ones.

2. No backlight on remote, cannot see buttons unless use to remote. Needs led lights backlighting buttons so one can see in dark what to press. 

3. Larger button remote for elderly, simple layout with volume button on top not side, matter as fact volume on top easier for anyone rather than on side like a cellphone. But an options to purchase a remote just made a certain way like for older adults or special needs people would buy. 

4. Jack on side for audio should be replaced with bluetooth technology as power consumption will kill batteries quickly the way it is currently. Also so many devices support wireless listening nowadays. I like the jack but I've heard people say they wish they didn't have to carry the remote with them if they move around. 

5. Button layout change, larger home button different from others, colored button for back, better layout spaced out larger of play, forward, back, etc. 

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Re: Product improvement: Remote Control

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Lighted Remote

Roku needs to add back lighting to its remote. When watching TV in bed at night you can’t see the buttons. Such an easy thing for them to do. 


Re: Product improvement: Remote Control

I totally agree!! Please do a backlit remote or say which ones already on the market truly work with your device. 


Re: Product improvement: Remote Control

The ability to configure the pre-programmed buttons (YouTube, Hulu, etc.) to be able to point to any channel.  This would be a great plus, as the remotes do not have all the channels you might subscribe to.  HBO, Disney+.  I also have Roku TVs, and Roku Streaming Sticks and they have different shortcut buttons, so I cannot use them to subscribe to the same services, as the remote support different services, regardless of what I subscribe to.

It would be nice to be able to reprogram the buttons, even if the names on the buttons were not changed.  While being able to change the labels on the remote would be great, the first pass should be to reprogram the buttons so I would know Hulu is actually Disney, etc.


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