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Premiere+ Power Cord Compatibility

I have a premiere+ model 4630x and I need to replace the power cord. Is there one on Roku’s site that will work? It isn’t listed under any of them but I’m curious if anyone has had success finding a compatible replacement. I’ve seen advice stating to steer away from third party choices…but I need one quick! Thanks(:

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Re: Premiere+ Power Cord Compatibility

Two good links here explaining the replacement power supply requirements for the Premiere+ 4630.  Since Roku no longer makes the replacement you need, you can either try to find on ebay or simply go third party.

I wouldn't hesistate to use third party.  I have a longer replacement power cable on my Premiere+ 3921 with no issues.  Just make sure the specs are correct following the guidelines in these two links with info provided by these Roku Community members and you should be good to go.


Here are some from a quick search on ebay and amazon.

Walmart and Target usually have universal power supplies with changeable input tips for different devices.  I wouldn't fret about replacing with an original OEM power cable.

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