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Potential Remote Interference?

I currently own a Hisense TV that has Roku built-in. The remote that operates the TV is actually a Roku remote. I have just purchased a Roku Streambar and saw that it also comes with a Roku remote. Does anyone know if the two remotes would interfere with each other?

For example, if I wanted to use the Streambar to watch something and I hit the home button on the Streambar remote, would it cause the TV itself to go home too?


I know it is a little redundant to have both, but I really wanted to get a better sound system that was more versatile since the speakers on the actual TV are busted now.


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Re: Potential Remote Interference?

The remotes don't interfere with each other, but CEC would. If you have to two roku connected to each other. Using the streambar remote to power the tv on or press any key on the streambar remote would send to the tv to streambar home screen. No input tiles. So if you just want the streambar for better sound put away the streambar's remote and just use the Roku tv remote. Pressing home key on each other roku remote would ping pong it from one home screen to the other. 

I have a full size Roku smart soundbar connected to my TCL Roku tv, only use the soundbar for better sound. 

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