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Pairing a Roku TV remote to a roku player

I have a TCL roku tv remote that went with a TCL roku tv. That TCL roku TVs screen cracked so I had to get rid of the TV, but I kept the remote that went with said TV. I bought a cheap non roku tv which is also not a smart TV. I have a roku player that I can hook up to that Non roku TV but I don't have a remote that goes with that roku player box. 

My question is would I be able to pair the TCL Roku TV remote that originally went with the TCL Roku TV with the TV that has the roku player connected to it, or would I have to buy another remote that is specifically for the roku player?

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Re: Pairing a Roku TV remote to a roku player

If it's an IR remote the answer is no. Roku TVs use a different IR code set then standalone Roku's. If it's a wifi remote with pairing button then it could be paired to regular Roku. And if it's remote model is rc-al5, it will never control the volume of the non-Roku tv. If it's rc-al7 than it could control the non-Roku tv volume. 


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