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Only the on/off button works on my simple remote

I've had the simple remote with the steaming stick plus for one year.  I've had to go to settings in the past to do an update when the volume wouldn't work but this particular time the only button that works is the on and off.  There is nothing blocking the sensors and I have put new batteries in.  As of right now it is not useable 


Any thoughts? 

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Re: Only the on/off button works on my simple remote

A simple Roku remote is an IR remote with no tv controls at all. You have wifi remote which is the only kind of remote a Roku stick accepts. 

Do you have the long range wifi receiver attached to the stick plus? It's the short usb cable with the bump in the middle. It's what the remote communicates with, without it no remote control of the stick. It would still control your tv by IR commands directly. 

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