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No volume/power controls with Streaming Stick + - WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

I just received a Streaming Stick + after losing my Streaming Stick and was immediately disappointed to find that the volume and power buttons don't work on the remote with my Samsung TV.

On the previous Streaming Stick there were like 30 options to go through to 'match' the remote with the TV (for sound/power capabilities) and with the Streaming Stick + there are only 10 and none of those work with my TV. So now I'm back to having to use 3 remotes - one to turn on my tv, one to turn on/adjust sound/mute on my soundbar and another to use Roku. SO ANNOYING! I've seemingly exhausted all options (gone through all the settings, searched community for answers, etc) so likely am not going to get any help here but wanted to post my frustrations and ask ROKU (if you're listening) to do a better job with offering more options to sync the remote with more TVs. 

Also, can you please provide an update to toggle the sounds that Roku makes now whenever you're scrolling through channels? It's pointless and annoying and whoever thought it would be a good addition or made the decision to not have an option to turn it off should be fired. 

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Re: No volume/power controls with Streaming Stick + - WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

I've never programmed any of my Roku remotes to control the TV, but they all work just fine using CEC. You might check and ensure it's enabled on both devices. On Samsung TVs, it's called Anynet+, and Roku calls it One-Touch Play. All my Roku remotes with power buttons will turn the TV and AVR off using it. Same with volume up/down and mute (for the remotes with a mute button).

The navigation sounds can be adjusted. Look under Settings/Audio/Menu Volume. There are three levels of volume, as well as off. Note that this is the only sound that Roku controls. If there's a sound within a channel as you move around, that's controlled by the channel itself, and this setting might not change anything. 


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