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Reel Rookie

New to Roku and trying to install at 2nd home

As title says new to Roku.  Setup of 3 4K+'s went great at first home.  Should have done this years ago!! Within 48hrs, decided to dump cable at vacation home so I order another 4K+. It did not arrive in time so I took one that was installed already.  Brought to other home,'s the problem I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT FOR FORGETTING THE REMOTE.  Then I thought, hmm you can use your phone with the roku app.  Problem is, the ruku box is looking for the other wireless connection!! The app won't let me get to settings...This should be real easy!!!but it isn't.  Closest Walmart is 45 minutes away and I'm 375 miles from home for next 6 days....the wife is addicted to there a way to get a phone to truly work as a remote??

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Re: New to Roku and trying to install at 2nd home


If you know what your other network (at home) settings are that you used to set up the Roku, then you can change those settings in your cabin's router. (Namely, you have to the change the SSID, or network name, and your password.)

More than likely both your home's SSID/network name and password are Saved/Stored in your cell phone's Wireless Settings that you can use as reference.  Once Roku connects to your cabin's new changed wifi settings, can then use the official Roku Remote app on your cellphone.

Make sure to restart both your Router and the Roku device after making the network name and password changes.

Other way is to use one of your mobile phone's hotspot (again with your home router's network name and password) to get Roku to connect.  Use other mobile phone Remote app as remote and then navigate to Roku Network Settings and steer the connection to the cabin's router credentials.

Hope the above makes sense.  I think changing the cabin's router network name and password to those of your home network will work easiest.  Once it is connected successfully, you can then change the cabin router back to whatever you want (network name and password) and then reconnect the Roku back to these new settings.  Just have to get it to reconnect once with old settings and then you are good to go from there.

For reference, 1st home is home (original setup).  2nd home is cabin. (new location w/o physical remote).

Feel free to post back with an update or if you need some instructions on making the router changes, include your router model number and ISP (internet provider).



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Reel Rookie

Re: New to Roku and trying to install at 2nd home

THank you.  Seen as I am going to need another one anyway, I already bought one and have it on hold to pivkup today.  Sounds like letting your phone connect just like a remote should be a software upgrade.  Thanks for the Plan b though!!!

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