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New Streaming Stick 4K app problem

Just installed a new 3820R Stick 4K for my neighbor. 

Installed like many other Rokus I have installed, perfect (in this case, except for one thing)

Down loaded Netflix, Pandora, Disney+, etc., etc. all work perfectly.

The problem is Prime Video.  I downloaded the app and installed.  I opened the app to supply the password, etc. to get it working BUT the app opens to the first phase where the entire blue colored screen is open with the Prine Video logo is across the screen.  That is where it stays.  It doesn't go beyond that point to enter the program.  The program seems to freeze.

I deleted the app and re-installed.  Same thing, opens to the full colored screen with Prime Video logo across the screen and it stops.  It doesn't go that point into the app to start working.

The Stick is connected wireless with an Excellent connection

Anyone know of away to get the app to open and go beyond what was described above?

Any idea on what's happening???


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Re: New Streaming Stick 4K app problem

Sounds like the Roku is set to resolution the tv can't use, how old is the neighbors tv? Is the stick set to 4k where the tv is only 720? 

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Re: New Streaming Stick 4K app problem

I set it up as 720.  Tomorrow.  I'll double check and make sure.  I might have set it up as Automatic.  If I did, I reset to 720.

I'll let you know what happens

It is old.  How old??  I'll find out.

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Roku Guru

Re: New Streaming Stick 4K app problem


I really want to thank you.

I had set up the display as Automatic.  I went in and changed it to 720.  The Prime Video app started, opened and now working.

Thanks for the info.

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