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New Roku remote (came with tv) multiple buttons don’t work

I bought a new TCL Roku tv at Walmart and the remote that came with it has multiple buttons that don’t work/don’t work properly.  The Disney+ button doesn’t work at all, the fast forward button doesn’t work at all, and the down button sticks and makes the direction controls hard to use.  Does Roku offer replacement remotes for defective brand new devices?

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Re: New Roku remote (came with tv) multiple buttons don’t work

While I'm sure you can contact TCL for a replacement, it is usually far faster to swap it out at the retailer.  Most have exchange periods of around 30 days for TVs.

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Re: New Roku remote (came with tv) multiple buttons don’t work


Roku doesn't build Roku TVs. They simply license the software to the manufacturer. For issues with the equipment insofar as Roku TVs are concerned, you should contact the manufacturer. TCL in your instance, although the suggestion by @Strega of the retailer as a faster option may be the best approach.

For the actual Roku streaming devices -- sticks, set top boxes, sound bars -- those are indeed Roku devices and Roku is the place for satisfaction regarding hardware issues there. Unless of course, a retailer return/replacement would be quicker.

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