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Need advice on Roku remote app + firetv

I have a sharp Roku TV and an Amazon fire Tv box

My dog eats remotes like candy so I stopped using the Roku remote and just use the app only phone. I much prefer the app to the physical remote however the app doesn't seem to give inputs to the firetv. Afaik this was a sudden change a few months ago and now I have to switch. Roku app> fire TV app > Kodi remote

Is there a universal remote app that would work for all 3? Or at least a way to have the remote app control CEC enabled devices?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I may end up going back to a physical remote with some dog proof solution but it's not my preference

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Re: Need advice on Roku remote app + firetv

No such app available, sorry. If the Roku tv controlled fire tv it probably only menu, cursor pad, and transport functions. To get that back try refreshing the cec devices in Roku tv settings> system> control other device CEC> update Cec devices> OK

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