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Lost voice remote and need help for find my remote feature

I understand that the voice remote has a find my remote feature but I have no idea how to get to it to use it

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Re: Lost voice remote and need help for find my remote feature

Only the voice remote pro has the find my remote feature. Do you have the voice remote or voice remote pro? If you have the pro version the find my remote is found in your tv settings. You can just say “Hey Roku where is my remote” and your remote will start beeping. You can also use the Roku mobile app to find your phone 

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Re: Lost voice remote and need help for find my remote feature


From a Roku Support article "Lost remote finder is supported on any Roku voice remote with a built-in speaker such as the Roku Voice Remote Pro and Roku Enhanced Remote with personal shortcut buttons. (I can tell you it will also work on a Roku Voice Remote/Gaming Remote RC-AL4 without these personal shortcut buttons as well).  To determine if your voice remote is compatible, look for small speaker holes on the back of your remote."

That last part may be difficult for you to examine until you actually find the Remote, obviously.   Point is, chances are you may be able to find your Voice Remote using the mobile app.  If you have an Ultra, you can press the physical "Remote Finder" button on the unit.  For other Roku devices and RokuTVs,  you will have to try the Roku mobile app and "ping the Remote" or using the same app, navigate to Settings...Remotes..Find Remote [press OK].

Here is the Roku Support that contains some of the above information (How to find your Roku® remote using the lost remote finder feature -

Feel free to post an update or if you need more help.


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