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Lost Roku remote, Emerson smart tv (not a Roku tv) with Roku premier +

I have lost the Roku remote. I have an Emerson smart tv, it is not a Roku tv, with the Roku premier + box. What remote will pair with this type of tv?

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Re: Lost Roku remote, Emerson smart tv (not a Roku tv) with Roku premier +


Roku Voice Remotes work with many TVs. However, some TV brands, including Emerson, use different code systems for different models. That means a Roku Voice Remote may or may not work. However, they usually do, though sometimes it's a long setup process. Not having used an Emerson, I can't say with certainty, but as mentioned, even if I had, there's no guarantee your Emerson uses the same remote code system as another model Emerson.

Universal remotes will control many devices, and that information is on the box in most instances, so picking up a universal remote from Walmart, Best Buy, etc., will likely work, but you'd also need to program it for Roku, and then swap devices by the button on the universal remote. I suspect that's not the experience you're after.

Your best bet is to get a Roku Voice Remote ($20) from Walmart, Best Buy, etc., and see if it will control your TV.

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