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Lockup/reboot on Ultra 4670X when using headphones

I constantly experience an annoying bug. At least I've figured out how to fix it, but it is VERY annoying. I hope Roku is aware and it gets fixed in future release. I have an Ultra 4670X with software 9.4.0 build 4210-46. It is connected via 5Ghz WIFI. This is what happens:

- After I have to reboot my router (usually have to do this every 1-2 weeks) the first time I try to use headphones plugged into the remote, my Roku will lock up and reboot itself. It will continue to lockup and reboot EVERY time I insert the headphones unless I do my "fix" below.

- My "fix" is this: when the Roku is in the process of rebooting, I remove the batteries from the remote. Once the Roku boots up I reinsert the batteries and the headphones work like normal until the NEXT time I have to reboot the router. 

Is this a known issue?  Will it be fixed soon?  I'm pretty sure this didn't do it when I bought the Roku, so I'm wondering if the 9.4 update caused this to start.  I have no idea.  But it is 100% reproduce-able.

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