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Is there a remote thats more durable

I have a roku ultra and am very very tired of buying new remotes.

Is there a remote that is very durable with volume control on side?

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Re: Is there a remote thats more durable


That's nearly impossible to answer. My Roku remotes have lasted years. I don't have animals in the house that will damage then, I don't have kids at home to damage them (they're all grown), and I'm careful. So, with normal care, they last. Whatever environmental factor is causing you to need to replace remotes isn't known by us, so we can't say if any remote could withstand whatever abuse the devices are receiving.

Some high-end remotes are build more resistive to abuse, but depending on what's being inflicted, even those may not resolve the issue.

In my experience, and in the experience of many long-time users, the remotes last. Sure, the occasional one may go bad, but those are rare. Repeated issues generally indicate the remote isn't the problem. If you can provide more insight as to what factors may be involved, perhaps someone can offer suggestions regarding the durability of third party remotes (looking to you @Tivoburkee ).

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