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Is it possible to re-pair one TV's factory remote with another?

I purchased a new TV today.. The previous one's backlight burned out a few days ago. While doing research on finding a suitable TV repair center to repair the TV, I decided to look at the selection of TVs available today and their prices.

After taking a look at various models, it dawned on me that getting my TV repaired would likely cost more than buying a new one. That's why I opted to just replace the TV. My brother who was with me recommended that I keep the remote from the old TV as a back-up for the new one. However, the old remote doesn't work on the new TV.

He thinks that the remotes can be re-paired, but I have my doubts. I think that each remote is hard-coded to only work with the TV it came with. I thought I would ask the community to be sure though. In the photo below, the one on the left is the remote from the old TV, the one on the right is the remote of the new TV.remotes.JPG

Am I correct in thinking that these two remotes are not interchangeable?

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Re: Is it possible to re-pair one TV's factory remote with another?

Sorry but you are correct, those are strictly IR remotes that can't be reprogrammed. Sharp roku tvs use a different IR code then TCL roku tvs. 

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