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Intermittent volume/mute on 3 TVs

I have three Samsung TVs with Roku sticks. On the same day, all three TV remote volume and mute buttons started to work intermittently. At first I thought it was one bad remote, but the problem occurs on ALL TVs and their respective remotes. The buttons will work a few times, then stop. If I fiddle with the remote (change channels, pause, etc.) or wait a few minutes, the functions return. I have re-set the Rokus, re-paired them, and replaced batteries but the problem persists. I have been using these Rokus for over a year and the problem just appeared out of the blue. What gives? Quite a coincidence that the problem occurred on all TVs on the same day.




Roku Guru

Re: Intermittent volume/mute on 3 TVs

Have you tried using the Samsung remotes during these incidents?

I ask because, my parents’ Samsung TV started getting stuck on a certain volume and my parents don’t even own a Roku.  Both the Samsung remote and the Xfinity remote could not control the TV volume at these times.  Samsung support directed me to download a firmware update manually that fixed their issue.

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