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I reset my tv with the app and no controller and now cant control tv

I was using the Roku app as the controller because I lost the controller a while back, my tv was acting really really sluggish so I reset the tv to factory settings but now I am stuck on the “choose a language” stage as I have no way of controlling the tv. What remote can I purchase and how do I go about connecting the remote to my tv now so I can proceed with the signing in process?

serial # 2N005K610667

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Re: I reset my tv with the app and no controller and now cant control tv


Since it's a Roku TV, it's unlikely that a universal remote will be easy to locate that will control it.

However, if you can locate a Roku Voice Remote ($20), Enhanced Voice Remote ($30, discontinued, but perhaps still in stock somewhere), or Voice Remote Pro ($30) from Walmart, Best Buy, or other such store, that would be the quickest way. You can, of course, buy one from Roku directly or Amazon, if you don't mind waiting on shipping.

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