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I can’t connect my mobile app to my roku tv

I lost my remote so I’m trying to use the mobile app and my tv isn’t popping up (I have a roku tv) so I tried to connect it manually and it said that my IP address want found what do I do ? 

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Roku Guru

Re: I can’t connect my mobile app to my roku tv

You didnt mention your Roku TV brand/model.

Need a lot more information, especially about the network configuration (wired or wireless, home or school/hotel, etc).

Your Roku TV and your phone/tablet must be connected to the same network, and without any AP/Client Isolation active (so that devices can see/connect to each other).

Make sure both your Roku TV and phone are actively connected to the network - if this is a school/hotel network, it likely has AP/Client isolation enabled so your devices wont be able to see each other.

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