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I am having problems with my Roku remote and tv

I cannot power off, on, turn up or anything with my remote. I have to manually turn off my tv and then it may work for a 1 minute. I don't know if it's the tv or the remote. I am disabled so it's a hassle for me. Can somebody please help me?

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Re: I am having problems with my Roku remote and tv


Not all TVs are supported by Roku remotes. Many many many TVs are. I've never had one that wasn't, but some have encountered this.

Remotes can control TVs two different ways. Some TVs support CEC very well, and using the remote to send On/Off and Volume commands to the Roku which will then try control the TV via CEC.

The remote can also send IR commands to the TV, which can be problematic since many TV manufacturers can use more than one code set. That is, one model of a brand can have a different code set than a different model from the same brand. And the codes can be similar, meaning some of the control codes are the same, but one or others may be different.

If as is, the remote won't control the TV, reconfigure the remote via the menu system. Note that you do NOT have to re-pair the remote. If it's controlling the Roku, it's paired.

Settings > Remotes & devices > Remotes > [something] (in use) > Set up remote for TV control

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