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How to control Roku Streaming Stick with a Universal Remote

Has anyone found a Programmable Universal Remote solution to control a Roku Streaming Stick+?

I am looking for a Universal Remote (like a Harmony) that can be programmed for activities -- Watch TV, Watch a Movie, Play Music, etc  where the remote will send all the appropriate codes to the devices based on the activity selected.

So far all I've seen is that the Harmony Hub would work but have not seen a controller.

Appreciate advice and recommendations.

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Re: How to control Roku Streaming Stick with a Universal Remote

I have found only the Logitech brand to include hub and remote - there may be others. There are two Logitech Harmony models being sold that meet your requirements - Companion and Elite. I use two of their Elites and they work well to control a mix of up to 15 devices; Companion controls fewer devices and appears less programmable. The hub uses RF and IR blasters to control both types of device.

See and you will see the two models which include the hub and remote.

There are three downsides:

1) Price - Logitech is probably the highest priced of any universal remote product line.

2) Future - Logitech announced that it will no longer manufacture the product line. They will support the products and are still selling the products directly and through resellers.

3) Programming - The hub-based Harmony’s are programmable (both through IR learning and button customization) through a phone app or PC application, but it is a bit of an effort to understand how to change what the buttons do. That said, no remote that I am aware of will learn RF, only IR, so whatever you buy must already have the device’s RF codes in the vendor’s database. That RF function is not programmable.

I hope that Logitech sells that business and a new owner continues to develop and support the products because they are the highest functioning products that I could find. There is no guarantee of that and no hint that they are even trying to sell the business, though it seems to have a lot of value to me. In fact, Logitech says that with the continued rise of streaming services, they expect the need for universal remotes to disappear. That makes sense to me for a configuration with only a Roku, a TV and a sound bar, but not when implementing, say a programmable HDMI switching receiver, 7.2 high end speakers and other legacy devices.


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