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Headphone Amp use with a Roku Ultra Remote

I have a Roku Ultra with the Remote that has a headphone jack on it. I prefer to use good monitor/studio quality headphones as opposed to earbuds. The problem is that the Roku Remote by itself is not powerful enough to drive the headphones at the volume I"d like to listen at. I recently purchased a "Neoteck Portable 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier Two-Stage Gain Switch, 16-150 Ohm" and hooked up to my headphones. The volume on the Roku is scaled at 0 to 100. What should the max volume on the Roku Remote be set at so it won't damage the input on the headphone amp. I've been using the Roku Remote feeding the Amp with the Roku Remote set to 25 with no issues so far. Is this safe? Could I set the Roku Remote to 50? 

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