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Green light on remote won’t stop flashing and pair

Hi! I tried replacing batteries and turning off tv several times to pair. I have the the roku 2 Xd that’s brand new. The remote won’t stop flashing green. Please help. I’d like a replacement if possible @roku 

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Re: Green light on remote won’t stop flashing and pair

The Roku 2 XD (model 3050) may be new to you, but it was released in 2011, before any Roku models used point-anywhere wifi-direct remotes paired to the player.  All models of that vintage, and many more recent ones, use a direct line-of-sight infrared (IR) remote. IR remotes are not paired to the player.  They should just work by pointing the remote at the front face of the Roku. If someone supplied you with a Roku remote that has a pairing button, it cannot be used with Roku 2 XD.   

You can check the operation of an IR remote by pointing it at a digital camera, the one in a mobile phone will do.  When you press buttons on a IR working remote you should be able to see flashes from the remote show up on the camera view screen.

The 2 XD has not been supported by Roku for several years now, and it cannot be updated beyond Roku operating software version 9.1 (current release is 10.5). Numerous channel apps require features and capabilities added to later models and cannot even be installed on a 2 XD.  Before spending money on a replacement remote, I'd strongly consider just replacing that old clunker with a current, much faster and more capable current unit which will come with its own remote.

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