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Reel Rookie

Extremely long volume adjustment lag on TCL Series 8 via eARC

Yesterday, I bought a Bose soundbar and connected it to my TCL Series 8 TV. It is running the most current version of the Roku software and I'm connected to the soundbar via eARC.  For some reason, whenever I try to adjust the volume using the Roku remote, or even the Bose remote or via it's app, I get a huge lag.  Sometimes the lag between my button presses and the volume actually adjusting can be as long as 10-seconds.

In the settings portion of the TV, it acknowledges that it's connected via eARC and the sound is just won't adjust very quickly.  I've read online that there is an option for "System Audio Control" and I've wondered if that needs to be tweaked....but the option isn't there in the CEC section like the online tutorials say it should be.  This is driving me crazy!

I called Bose today and they said that it must be a setting on the TV somewhere.  But I've searched everywhere and I've tried everything...changing the HDMI mode, activating and turning off 1-Touch and the other option name it!

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