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Express player response to regular touch remote.

A few days ago my 2.5 yrs old Express player started acting erratically to remote commands. At Home, when selecting a channel it will sometimes scroll and not allow a selection.  When a channel is successfully reached, You Tube for instance, it will sometimes scroll up, down, right or left depending on the search. The OK, Pause & other commands are also iffy sometimes.  I replaced batteries in remote w/ no change. I ordered a new remote w/ no change.  Is it time to trash the player?

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Re: Express player response to regular touch remote.

Same result with two different remotes?  That would certainly point to the Express.  I assume you've restarted/rebooted the Express at some point.  If you're using the TV's USB port to power the Express try the supplied power adapter.  If you have another HDMI cable you can try, do that.  Do you have another TV you can try it on?  Just trying to cover all the bases.

You could use the Roku app on your phone/tablet as a remote.  I don't like a remote without physical buttons, but some people seem to like it.

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