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Express+ Batteries Draining FAST! Need help.

I've seen this pop up a few times but haven't seen a solution yet. All of the sudden, the remote to my Roku Express+ has started draining batteries like crazy. We're having to replace them every 3 days. Any solutions?

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Re: Express+ Batteries Draining FAST! Need help.

I suspect the remote might be or additionally has RF control.   I took my Roku remote to another room and it still operated my Roku TCL TV! 


I had a Vizio remote that also did Wi-Fi control.  Ate batteries real fast.  Vizio stopped doing that. 

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Re: Express+ Batteries Draining FAST! Need help.

Depends on which Express+ you have. Only the model 3931 comes with a WiFi Direct remote. All the others come with IR remotes. Does your remote have a headphone jack? If so, then it's WiFi Direct. If you are leaving something connected to the headphone jack, that leaves the audio amplifier in the remote powered up and will drain the batteries in a few days.

If it's an IR remote (no headphone jack) then batteries should last for many months. Look at the end of the remote through a digital camera (such as the camera in a phone) and see if there's a flashing light even when no button is being pressed. If so, you have a stuck button that is causing the remote to be in constant use. See if you can find something stuck in one of the buttons. 


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