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Reel Rookie

Disappointment with lack of volume control for optical connection

I have been using Roku for many years. I just bought a new Streaming Stick+, primarily for voice searching. That works OK, but I'm disappointed that the remote won't adjust the volume on my sound bar that has only an optical connection. My Amazon Fire Stick controls the volume, so why not Roku? It's just a bit of a nuisance for what would have probably been a pittance in cost to include.

Reel Rookie

Re: Disappointment with lack of volume control for optical connection

optical outputs from sources like DVD players, smart tv's, streaming boxes etc will have a fixed (non variable)  audio output, volume adjustments are then done by the sound system itself, the Tv, a surround receiver, stereo amp or in this case your soundbar. Most of todays streaming units have only an HDMI output connected directly to the TV' HDMI input, the optical out of the Tv is then connected to the soundbars optical input and the volume adjustment is done thru the soundbars amplifier.

It may be possible that the Firetv remote was programmed to control the volume commands (v+, v- and mute) of your soundbar, Roku has a similar feature on some of their remotes. If your Roku remote has Volume +,- buttons and a red power button, then it may be able to control the volume, but there are some exceptions as the Roku remote can only control tv volume commands, so your tv and sound bar should be a matched set IE: Sony TV and Sony soundbar etc. or any TV with any SONOS soundbar , or if your soundbar has an HDMI input and an ARC (Audio Return Channel) HDMI out connected to a TV's ARC HDMI input would also work.

Another option would be a programmable master remote like a Harmony, URC, RTI etc.

If you give me the make and model of your tv and soundbar I may be able to help you get your volume to work like it used to.

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Re: Disappointment with lack of volume control for optical connection

I feel like this isn't right. I have an old receiver (early 200s) that I have connected via optical to my 5 Series Roku TV. If I set the audio to auto, it can control the volume on the TV end (aka, the home theater system technically stays at the same volume but it still gets louder or quieter). If I set the TV to Optical, which is necessary for the correct audio format to go through, the volume buttons don't do anything. The kicker is that the Computer I also have hooked up to the TV via HDMI can control the volume on the computer's end, so there is nothing mechanical stopping it from working.

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