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Cant connect to roku stick

We tried to watch roku using roku app remote as the remote that came with the device completely stopped working.  Once i had the app i threw out the controller.  I factory reset the roku stick  but now its asking for the remote that no longer exists to continue with setup.  Since it was factory reset theres no network info on it and i cant connect to it with the roku app or access settings to set up wifi again on it.  How can i fix this without the remote or is it done for? Thank you 

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Re: Cant connect to roku stick


A new Roku device or a Factory Reset Roku device needs a physical remote in order to complete the initial setup.  Generally, a cheap universal streaming remote compatible with Roku devices can even be used.  However, with the Streaming Sticks, need a Roku remote (Voice Remote, enhanced remote, or similar) due to them not being able to see/use IR commands like the other Roku streaming players.

You can purchase a replacement Roku enhanced remote at Walmart, Target, Best Buy (about $20 or so).  Some find it just easier to purchase a replacement streaming player/stick that comes with a new remote.

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Re: Cant connect to roku stick

@RayJay if your Roku is the old Stick (model 3500, purple case), just be aware you can no longer buy a new remote for it. You might find an old used remote on eBay, but it would likely be cheaper to just buy a new Roku. And a new model would work much better as well. 

But if it's a newer player, then @AvsGunnar advice is accurate, and as long as it's not a Roku Stick you can find really inexpensive universal IR remotes wherever such electronic devices are sold.


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