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Can you pair two controllers to one device?

I don’t want to spend money if it won’t work. Will my new Roku Express HD allow me to pair two controllers to it at the same time? I want my hubby and I to each have a controller for it so if one of us leaves the room the other doesn’t have to go track down the remote.

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Re: Can you pair two controllers to one device?



Be aware the model 3930 Roku Express (the device to which I think you're referring) comes with an infrared (IR) remote, which is also sold separately as the Simple Remote ($15). It doesn't pair to the device. It's a simple IR remote that needs clear line of sight to the Roku device. Just put the batteries in it and start using it.

The model 3930 is also compatible with the Voice Remote ($20) which is paired to a Roku device. And you can pair multiple Voice Remotes to a single Roku device.

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