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Reel Rookie

Can't pair any remote to Roku 3810X

I have a 3810X that's been on the shelf for a few months.  Got it out and hooked it up to a TV with the original remote.  Remote wasn't working.  Put in fresh batteries.  Tried to go through the standard pairing process.  Hit the pairing button the remote within 30 seconds of stick start up but the Roku display just sat at the home page and no love on the remote.  Green light just kept flashing.

Hit the reset button on the stick.  Roku came up in initialization mode as expected and the "Pair Remote" overlay popped up.  Hit the pairing button on the remote and the green light began to flash again.  Still nada.  Just flashed for a couple of minutes until it stopped. 

Switched to a different TV.  Switched usb cables.  Moved the remote to a couple of feet of the stick.  Still nada.

Took the remote to a different Roku and was able to pair the remote with that 2nd Roku.  All was great on that device.

Took the original remote from the 2nd device and tried to pair it with the 1st Roku (the 3810X).  No love there with that 2nd remote either.

The 3810X seems fine other than it won't pair with either remote.  It boots up, gives me the screens I expect, etc.  But, I can't do anything with it.

Is there a Plan B in this situation?

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Can't pair any remote to Roku 3810X

You can not use anything but the original USB cable with bump in it, that's  what the remote actually  communicates with, not the stick itself. 

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: Can't pair any remote to Roku 3810X

Well sonofagun.  Found the original cable and that was it.  What a rookie mistake.  Been a while since I've had to work with this model.  Thanks for the quick advice.