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Can't pair Roku remote to Sony TV

So I tried to pair my Roku remote to my Sony tv to be able to control the volume (new stick+ btw) and when I go to settings》Remotes & devices》Set up remote for TV control and press ok, it says the following: To control your tv, we need to know the brand.  As soon as I put in the "s" to type in Sony is says the following:  "No search results.  This entry is not recognized as a supported brand.  Please check to make sure it is spelled correctly."

What's weird is it doesn't matter if I try Sony, LG, Samsung or whatever, I get the same message.  How could these tvs not be supported by Roku?  When I look on youtube to see how pther people do it, the Roku automatically goes through the codes and has a "can you hear the music" test.  My Roku does no such thing.  

Can anyone help me out with this one? What’s going on here? Thank you.