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Can i disable Ultra remote's keyboard shortcuts?

Main issue is that those bottom buttons are so sensitive, i accidently grab it wrong while watching a show and i get rudely interrupted while it transfers to nex.flix or similar screen.  

Could u somehow make a "go directly back button" for when that happens? 

It takes multiple button presses to return to the original show i was watching, and I'm often forced to rewatch a commercial to get it started. I CURSE Roku every time! especially when it happens in the middle of a great scene!

Fixed budget means ZERO interest in subscribing unless it's free or it's shared (lol, no more ever). Then there wouldn't be a sc button. I kno.

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Re: Can i disable Ultra remote's keyboard shortcuts?

Part 2: I've tried to slice down the rubber on those buttons, but hasn't worked (prob needs more shaving).

Anyone cursing like me? Any workable ideas, solutions?? 

I have 2 ultras (voice remote, i dont like)  and 1 stick. The ultras are problematic getting tossed in bed.

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Re: Can i disable Ultra remote's keyboard shortcuts?

Those remotes are difficult to take apart, but they just snap together.  If you can get it apart you can put tape under the buttons so pressing them doesn't do anything or remove the rubber buttons.  Another suggestion is to get a silicone remote cover that makes it more difficult to press the buttons.  You can find them on Amazon.  There's many Roku remotes and many styles of covers, but you'd be looking for one that has individual cutouts in the cover for the "Partner" buttons and not just one big cutout for all the buttons.

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