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Brand new4k+ stick remote won’t charge-doesn’t work

Have Roku tv and 2 streaming Roku with the speaker. Purchased this one before XMAS to give as present but sister already bought one so I kept this.  Finally decided to open box and set up but the remote totally dead and will not recharge.  It’s remote with no place to replace batteries - SN S09T419CXHK2.  Have never had probs with ant other Roku.  Can’t send back for replacement because I bought before XMAS.


Very frustrating -stick looks like there isn’t any issues and looks like set up would be fine, just I can’t do anything without a working remote.  Have tried recharging for past couple of days.  Unplugged, replugged - tried different charger base and different outlets.  Nothing-no sign of life at all.


Complete waste of $100+.  Glad I didn’t give it as a XMAS present.  Would have felt horrible if I gave a dud present.

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Re: Brand new4k+ stick remote won’t charge-doesn’t work


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? How long are you charging the remote for? Have you confirmed through the Settings that the remote is indeed not charging? In addition, can you please provide the serial number/device ID on your Roku device? I'll be able to assist you further from there.



Danny R.
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